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ld2Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary.ld2 7,998 KB
ld2Collins COBUILD Advanced Learner's Dictionary 5th Edition.ld2 6,750 KB
ld2Concise English Dictionary.ld2 7,922 KB
ld2English-Vietnamese Dictionary.ld2 6,674 KB
ld2Free Vietnamese-English Dictionary.ld2 1,448 KB
ld2Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English.ld2 9,559 KB
ld2Longman Language Activator.ld2 4,389 KB
ld2MacMillan English Dictionary - American.ld2 6,135 KB
ld2Roget's II - The New Thesaurus.ld2 3,468 KB
ld2The Oxford Thesaurus - An A-Z Dictionary of Synonyms.ld2 2,468 KB
ld2Webster's New World Essential Vocabulary.ld2 315 KB
ld2WordNet English Dictionary.ld2 11,193 KB